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Parts of speech

tag definition
nn noun
av adjective
vb verb
pm proper noun
ab adverb
in interjection
pp preposition
nl numeral
pn pronoun
sn subjunction
kn conjunction
al article
ie infinitive particle
mxc multiword prefix
sxc prefix
abh adverb suffix
avh adjective suffix
nnh noun suffix
nnm multiword noun
nna noun, abbreviation
avm multiword adjective
ava adjective, abbreviation
vbm multiword verb
vba verb, abbreviation
pmm multiword proper noun
pma proper noun, abbreviation
abm multiword adverb
aba adverb, abbreviation
pnm multiword pronoun
inm multiword interjection
ppm multiword preposition
ppa preposition, abbreviation
nlm multiword numeral
knm multiword conjunction
snm multiword subjunction
kna conjunction, abbreviation
ssm multiword, clause

Morphosyntactic description

tag definition
aa artefact
tm medicine taxonymy
ac computer
en natural event
ae food
eh historical event
ag ground transport
af air transport
oc cultral organization
am medical artifact
ci compound form, initial
ec cultural event
ap prizes
konj subjunctive
num numeral
imper imperative
aw water transport
ind indicative
inf infinitive
es sports
er religious event
lf facility location
lg geographical location
poss possessive
tz zoology
cm compound form, medial
la astronomical location
pret_part past participle
sms compound form, free-standing
ack accusative case
gen genitive case
pc collective
pa animals
aktiv active voice
ls streets
lp political location
no_masc not masculine
s-form s-form
pret past
ph human
tb botany
pl plural
pm mythological person
nom nominative case
komp comparative
pres_part present participle
wc plays
wb books
wa art
wn news
wm media
sup supine
c compound form
pos positive
wp plays
invar invariant
ord ordinal
super superlative
sg singular
p2 second person
p3 third person
om media organization
p1 first person
masc masculine
f feminine
og governmental organization
h suffix
oe educational event
m masculine
oa air industry
n neuter
p plural
u non-neuter
pres present
w neuter-plural
v neuter--non-neuter
indef indefinite
os sport organization
def definite
op political organization