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SweSAT Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test Synonyms 1.1

Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test Synonyms
Title* SweSAT Synonyms v1.1
Subtitle Högskoleprovet Ordförståelse, Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test Synonyms
Created by* Yvonne Adesam (, Lars Borin (
Publisher(s)* Språkbanken Text
Link(s) / permanent identifier(s)*
License(s)* CC BY 4.0
Abstract* The dataset provides a gold standard for Swedish word synonymy/definition. The test items are collected from the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (högskoleprovet), currently spanning the years 2006--2021 and 822 vocabulary test items. The task for the tested system is to determine which synonym or definition of five alternatives is correct for each test item.
Funded by* Vinnova (grants no. 2020-02523, 2021-04165), Språkbanken Text
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Related datasets Part of the SuperLim collection (
Key applications Evaluation of word meaning through synonymy.
Intended task(s)/usage(s) For each test item, predict the synonym out of five alternatives.
Recommended evaluation measures Krippendorff's pseudoalpha (the official SuperLim measure), a derived Krippendorff's alpha. For this dataset, pseudoalpha = (Accuracy - 1/5) / (4/5), where accuracy is the proportion of correctly answered questions. Other possible measures: accuracy.
Dataset function(s) Few-shot training ("prompting"), testing
Recommended split(s) A few-shot training set (aka "prompt", 10%), test set (90%). The prompt was added with the GPT-like models in mind. For those models that do not need a prompt, it can be ignored.
Primary data* Text
Language* Swedish
Dataset in numbers* 83 train items and 739 test items with one focus word and five answer alternatives each.
Nature of the content* Each test item contains one focus word, which may be a single word or a phrase or expression. The answer alternatives may also be a single word or a phrase or expression. Only one alternative is marked as correct. There may be other possible meanings of the focus word, which are not possible alternatives.
Format* JSON Lines, with one item per line. Each line contains an id (("h"+year+"a"|"b"|"c"("a"|"b")+item number ("00" is a practice item)), a target item, an array of candidate answers and a label index which indicates the correct answer (numbering starts at 0). Metadata contain a comment which showswhether the item is marked "excluded" in the answer key, because they were leaked on the internet immediately before the 2012 spring test (four items in total)
Data source(s)* The data has been collected from…
Data collection method(s)* Copy and reformat.
Data selection and filtering* None
Data preprocessing* None
Data labeling* This is gold data from the Swedish Scolastic Aptitude Test.
Annotator characteristics
Ethical considerations None
Things to watch out for
Data last updated* 20220921, v1.1, Aleksandrs Berdicevskis
Which changes have been made, compared to the previous version* One error corrected, format changed from “wide” to “long”, some other format changes
Access to previous versions Work in progress
This document created* 20210618 Yvonne Adesam (
This document last updated* 20230207, v1.1, Aleksandrs Berdicevskis
Where to look for further details
Documentation template version* v1.1
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File Size Modified Licence
an archive with the dataset in JSONL format and the documentation sheet
37.73 KB 2023-03-30 CC BY 4.0


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