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Second shared task: MultiGEC-2025

The Computational SLA group is currently preparing the second shared task, multilingual Grammatical Error Correction (MultiGEC-2025). Languages are to be decided.

The main website (public):

For data, the following (protected) website is used:, to get access, please apply using these Terms of Use.

The planned venue to present results is NLP4CALL workshop in connection to Nodalida 2025 in Estonia, in March 2025.

Task: Multilingual Grammatical Error Correction. (details to follow)

MultiGEC-2025 organizers

MultiGEC-2025 data providers

  • Croatian:
  • Czech: Alexandr Rosen
  • English: Andrew Caines
  • Estonian:
  • Dutch:
  • French:
  • German:
  • Greek:
  • Icelandic:
  • Italian: Jenny Frey
  • Latvian: Roberts Darģis, Ilze Auziņa
  • Lithuanian:
  • Norwegian:
  • Russian:
  • Slovene: Špela Arhar Holdt, Mojca Stritar
  • Swedish: Elena Volodina, Arianna Maciolini
  • Ukranian: