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Advisory services

Advisory services to DAKODA project

Infrastructure project DAKODA aims to coordinate several German learner corpora in a single search interface.

SBX has received a request to share experiences with similar tasks and as a result, Elena Volodina has been assigned as an advisor to the project, for the period of three years, 2023-2025.

Advisory services to a start-up project Grammefy

A commercial start-up project Grammefy aims to develop and offer tools and algorithms to support non-native writers of Swedish, among others through automatic correction of written texts and generation of feedback. They have turned to SBX for advice on existing resources and tools that could be relevant for them to start from.

Elena Volodina, SBX, helps developers and coordinators in the project to orient themselves among available L2 corpora and resources, and provides support in how to use them for their purposes.