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Language Technology Linked Open Data at Språkbanken


The project Language Technology Linked Open Data at Språkbanken (henceforth: LTLOD@SB), dnr 2013-04996, is financed by VINNOVA (January -- August, 2014).

Project description

The goal of the project is to make lexical resources for language technology available in the form of linked open data from two institutions: Språkbanken and DART.

Lexical resources (LR) form a central part of most language technology (LT) applications. The development of richly structured LRs is labor-intensive even when partly automatic methods are applied, as often is the case in LT. For this reason it is important that LRs can be reused as far as possible. In the modern world, making them available as linked open data is a basic requirement for their widest possible dissemination and use in research, education, development of products and services. It is also an optimal way of generating new knowledge, resulting from the massive interlinking and combination of language data.

Focus Concept Coding Framework (CCF)

In order to provide language support to individuals requiring augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) we need linguistic resources suitably organized and represented, e.g., sign language material, symbol and image libraries adapted to multiple cognitive levels, as well as textual support in many languages. So far, these resources have been developed as separate and uncoordinated efforts, either commercially or by non-profit organizations targetting specific groups and needs. In the long run, this is an exclusive and expensive way of proceeding, leading to limited usefulness. In the project, we aim to link CCF technology and some symbol sets (at present Bliss och ARASAAC), to a common LOD format for LRs to be developed together with Språkbanken (SB), which will be a great step forward.

Lexicon resources





Project duration

Project members


  • Vinnova (2013-04996)

Research topics

  • LOD
  • Semantiska webben
  • länkad data

Project type

  • Research project
  • Externally funded

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