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MOLTO - Multilingual Online Translation

Project description

The MOLTO project aims to develop a set of tools for translating texts between a majority of the EU's 23 official languages in real time with high quality. As its main technique, MOLTO uses domain-specific semantic grammars and ontology-based interlinguas. These components are implemented in GF (Grammatical Framework), which is a grammar formalism where multiple languages are related by a common abstract syntax.

Our contribution to the MOLTO project (WP8) is to build an ontology-based application for communication of museum content using NLG techniques. We envision an online system that allows museum visitors to use their language of preference to search for information about artefacts stored in distributed databases and to get in return automatically generated coherent textual descriptions about them in the same language.


Project duration

Project members


  • EU

Research topics

  • Generation
  • translation
  • multilingual
  • cultural heritage
  • GF

Project type

  • Research project
  • Externally funded
  • Network

Umbrella project