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	title        = {Thinking Green: Toward Swedish FrameNet++},
	abstract     = {Access to multi-layered lexical, grammatical and semantic information representing
text content is a prerequisite for efficient automatic understanding
and generation of natural language. A FrameNet is considered a valuable
resource for both linguistics and language technology research that
may contribute to the achievement of these goals.
Currently, FrameNet-like resources exist for a few languages,1 including
some domain-specific and multilingual initiatives (Dolbey et al., 2006;
Boas, 2009; Uematsu et al., 2009; Venturi et al., 2009), but are unavailable
for most languages, including Swedish, although there have been some
pilot studies exploring the semi-automatic acquisition of Swedish frames
(Johansson & Nugues, 2006; Borin et al., 2007).
At the University of Gothenburg, we are now embarking on a project to
build a Swedish FrameNet-like resource. A novel feature of this project is
that the Swedish FrameNetwill be an integral part of a largermany-faceted
lexical resource. Hence the name Swedish FrameNet++ (SweFN++).
	booktitle    = {FrameNet Masterclass and Workshop},
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