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	title        = {Estimating Language Relationships from a Parallel Corpus. A Study of the Europarl Corpus},
	abstract     = {Since the 1950s, linguists have been using short lists (40–200 items) of basic vocabulary as the central component in a methodology which is claimed to make it possible to automatically calculate genetic
relationships among languages. In
the last few years these methods have experienced something of a revival, in that more languages are involved, different distance
measures are systematically compared and evaluated, and methods from computational biology are used for calculating language family trees. In this paper, we explore how this methodology
can be extended in another direction, by using larger word lists automatically extracted from a parallel corpus using word alignment software. We present preliminary
results from using the Europarl parallel corpus in this way for estimating the distances between some languages in the Indo-European language family.},
	booktitle    = {NEALT Proceedings Series (NODALIDA 2011 Conference Proceedings)},
	author       = {Rama, Taraka and Borin, Lars},
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	title        = {Metadata descriptions and other interoperability standards},
	abstract     = {An important aim of META-NORD is to upgrade and harmonize national language resources and tools in order to make them interoperable, within languages and across languages, with respect to their data formats and as far as possible also as regards their content.
Since resources and to some extent tools will remain in one location – one of a number of META-NORD centers – the preferred way of accessing and utilizing resources and tools will be through metadata and APIs, allowing the assembly of on-the-fly tool-chains made up of standardized component language technology tools, processing distributed – and in many cases interlinked – language resources in standardized formats.},
	author       = {Borin, Lars and Lindh, Jonas and Brandt, Martha and Olsson, Leif-Jöran},
	year         = {2011},

	title        = {Semantic Search in Literature as an e-Humanities Research Tool: CONPLISIT – Consumption Patterns and Life-Style in 19th Century Swedish Literature},
	abstract     = {We present our ongoing work on language technology-based e-science in the humanities, with a focus on text-based research in the historical sciences. Currently, we are
working on the adaptation and integration of lexical resources representing different historical stages of Swedish into a lexical
and morphological toolbox that will allow us to develop semantically oriented text search applications for historical research on Swedish text. We describe a semantic search prototype which was built using REST web services from this toolbox
as components, and which has been
evaluated by historians interested in using digitized 19th century novels as primary data for an historical investigation of the emerging consumer society in 19th century
	booktitle    = {NEALT Proceedings Series (NODALIDA 2011 Conference Proceedings)},
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	title        = {Swesaurus – ett svenskt ordnät med fria tyglar},
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	title        = {A diachronic computational lexical resource for 800 years of Swedish},
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	title        = {Dialect Classification in the Himalayas: a Computational Approach},
	abstract     = {Linguistic fieldwork data – in the form of basic vocabulary lists – for nine closely related language varieties are compared using an automatic procedure with manual feedback, whose major advantage is its
complete consistency. The results of the vocabulary comparison turn out to be in accord with other linguistic features, making this methodology a promising addition to the toolbox of genetic lingusitics.},
	booktitle    = {NEALT Proceedings Series (NODALIDA 2011 Conference Proceedings)},
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	title        = {META-NORD: Towards sharing of language resources in Nordic and Baltic countries},
	abstract     = {This paper introduces the META-NORD project
which develops Nordic and Baltic part of
the European open language resource infrastructure.
META-NORD works on assembling,
linking across languages, and making
widely available the basic language resources
used by developers, professionals and researchers
to build specific products and applications.
The goals of the project, overall
approach and specific action lines on wordnets,
terminology resources and treebanks are
described. Moreover, results achieved in first
five months of the project, i.e. language
whitepapers, metadata specification and IPR
management, are presented.},
	booktitle    = {Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Resources, Technology and Services in the Sharing Paradigm},
	author       = {Skadina, Inguna and Vasiljevs, Andrejs and Borin, Lars and De Smedt, Koenraad and Lindén, Krister and Rögnvaldsson, Eiríkur},
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	title        = {META-NORD: Baltic and Nordic Branch of the European Open Linguistic Infrastructure},
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