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	title        = {Lekbot: A talking and playing robot for children with disabilities},
	abstract     = {This paper describes an ongoing project where we develop and 
evaluate a setup involving a communication board and a toy robot, 
which can communicate with each other via synthesized speech. The 
purpose is to provide children with communicative disabilities 
with a toy that is fun and easy to use together with peers, with 
and without disabilities. When the child selects a symbol on the 
communication board, the board speaks and the robot responds. 
This encourages the child to use language and learn to cooperate 
to reach a common goal. Throughout the project, three children 
with cerebral palsy and their peers use the robot and provide 
feedback for further development. The multimodal interaction with 
the robot is video recorded and analyzed together with 
observational data in activity diaries.
	booktitle    = {SLPAT'11: 2nd Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies},
	author       = {Ljunglöf, Peter and Berman, Alexander and Claesson, Britt and Ericsson, Stina and Kronlid, Fredrik and Müller, Ingrid Mattsson and Ottesjö, Cajsa},
	year         = {2011},