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	title        = {Transferring Frames: Utilization of Linked Lexical Resources},
	abstract     = {In our experiment, we evaluate the transferability of  frames from Swedish to Finnish in parallel corpora. We evaluate both the theoretical possibility of transferring frames and the possibility of performing it using available lexical resources. We add the frame information to an extract of the Swedish side of the Kotus and JRC-Acquis corpora using an automatic frame labeler and copy it to the Finnish side. We focus on evaluating the results to get an estimation on how often the parallel sentences can be said to
express the same frame. This sheds light to the questions: Are the same situations in the two languages expressed using different frames, i.e. are the frames transferable even in theory? How well can the frame information of running text be transferred from language to another?
	booktitle    = {Proceedings of the Workshop on Inducing Linguistic Structure Submission (WILS)},
	author       = {Borin, Lars and Forsberg, Markus and Johansson, Richard and Muhonen, Kristiina and Purtonen, Tanja and Voionmaa, Kaarlo},
	year         = {2012},
	pages        = {8--15},