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	title        = {A och O om akademiska ord. Om framtagning av en svensk akademisk ordlista},
	abstract     = {This paper reports on the development of a new electronic Swedish academic word list,
which will be based on a corpus consisting of texts from a wide range of university subject
areas. (Cf. the English Academic Word List, AWL, presented in Coxhead 1998,
2002.) Once finalized, the dictionary and corpus will be publicly available. The aim of
the word list is to provide an indication of important words for university students, in
particular non-native speakers of Swedish. In order to succeed in higher education, the
mastery of an academic vocabulary may be crucial. A closely related study of extraction
of a school-related vocabulary of secondary school textbooks is the OrdiL project (Lindberg
& Johansson Kokkinakis 2008). The Swedish academic word list will be developed
in cooperation with other Nordic countries in a multi-disciplinary project focusing on
language use in Nordic academic settings.},
	booktitle    = {Nordiska studier i lexikografi 11. Rapport från Konferensen om lexikografi i Norden Lund 24−27 maj 2011. Red. av Birgit Eaker, Lennart Larsson och Anki Mattisson},
	author       = {Sköldberg, Emma and Johansson Kokkinakis, Sofie},
	year         = {2012},
	pages        = {575--585},