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	title        = {Drug interests revealed by a public health portal},
	abstract     = {Online health information seeking has become an important part of people's everyday lives. However, studies have shown that many of those have problems forming effective queries. In order to develop better support and tools for assisting people in health-related query formation we have to gain a deeper understanding into their information seeking behaviour in relation to key issues, such as medication and drugs. The present study attempts to understand the semantics of the users' information needs with respect to medication-related information. Search log queries from the Swedish 1177.se health portal were automatically annotated and categorized according to relevant background knowledge sources. Understanding the semantics of information needs can enable optimization and tailoring of (official) health related information presented to the online consumer, provide better terminology support and thematic coding of the queries and in the long run better models of consumers’ information needs.
	booktitle    = {Proceedings of the SLTC-Workshop: Exploratory Query-log Analysis. Lund, Sweden.},
	author       = {Eklund, Ann-Marie and Kokkinakis, Dimitrios},
	year         = {2012},
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