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	title        = {Towards a gold standard for Swedish CEFR-based ICALL},
	abstract     = {In qualitative projects on ICALL (Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning), research and development always go hand
in hand: development both depends upon the research results and dictates the research agenda. Likewise, in the development of the Swedish ICALL platform Lärka, the practical issues of development have dictated its research agenda. With NLP approaches, sooner or later, the necessity for reliable training data becomes unavoidable. At the moment Lärka's research agenda cannot be addressed without access to reliable training data, so-called “gold standard”. This paper
gives an overview of the current state of the Swedish ICALL platform development and related research agenda, and describes the first attempts to collect the reference corpus (“gold standard”) coming from course books
used in CEFR-based language teaching.},
	booktitle    = {Proceedings of the Second Workshop on NLP for Computer-Assisted Language Learning. NEALT Proceedings Series 17. Nodalida 2013, Oslo, Norway. },
	author       = {Volodina, Elena and Pijetlovic, Dijana and Pilán, Ildikó and Johansson Kokkinakis, Sofie},
	year         = {2013},
	ISBN         = {978-91-7519-588-9},