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	title        = {Grammar-ontology interoperability -- Final Work and Overview},
	abstract     = {D4.3A is an annex to the D4.3 deliverable of WP4 of the MOLTO project. It aims to
address the reviewers’ remarks and recommendations for D4.3, as well as to present a final overview of the prototypes built in the scope of MOLTO with respect to
grammar-ontology interoperabilty. D4.3A also describes the work after M24 and gives a
general overview of the achievements in MOLTO with focus on WP4 - Knowledge
Engineering, WP7 - Patents use case, and WP8 - Cultural Heritage use case.
	author       = {Dannélls, Dana and Ranta, Aarne and Enache, Ramona and Listenmaa, Inari and Tolosi, Laura and Mateva, Maria},
	year         = {2013},
	publisher    = {University of Gothenburg},
	address      = {Göteborg},