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	title        = {Information extraction from multimedia web documents: an open-source platform and testbed},
	abstract     = {The LivingKnowledge project aimed to enhance the current state of the art in search, retrieval and knowledge management on the web by advancing the use of sentiment and opinion analysis within multimedia applications. To achieve this aim, a diverse set of novel and complementary analysis techniques have been integrated into a single, but extensible software platform on which such applications can be built. The platform combines state-of-the-art techniques for extracting facts, opinions and sentiment from multimedia documents, and unlike earlier platforms, it exploits both visual and textual techniques to support multimedia information retrieval. Foreseeing the usefulness of this software in the wider community, the platform has been made generally available as an open-source project. This paper describes the platform design, gives an overview of the analysis algorithms integrated into the system and describes two applications that utilise the system for multimedia information retrieval.},
	journal      = {International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval},
	author       = {Dupplaw, David and Matthews, Michael and Johansson, Richard and Boato, Giulia and Costanzo, Andrea and Fontani, Marco and Minack, Enrico and Demidova, Elena and Blanco, Roi and Griffiths, Thomas and Lewis, Paul and Hare, Jonathon and Moschitti, Alessandro},
	year         = {2014},
	volume       = {3},
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