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	title        = {Legitimating the visit - a recurrent challenge among patients with medically unexplained symptoms},
	abstract     = {The doctor’s evaluation of presented symptoms as doctorable, is a legitimation of the patient’s decision to seek medical care. It is also a confirmation of the rational, and even the moral, status of the patient, since consulting a doctor without good reasons is  considered irrational.

The analysis focuses on how patients take initiatives to present problems and on the doctors’ responses and evaluations regarding the doctorability. Situations where participants seem to have different views of the doctorability of the problems are examined in relation to conversational practices and social actions.

The analyses shows that the doctor as well as the patient orients to the potential doctorability of the problems and to the moral challenges related to it, but that their different expectations and roles lead to communicatively unclear situations.

Further analyses will illustrate in what ways the MUS-patients’ recurrent challenge of legitimating their visits could be influenced by the interaction, and hence in what ways conscious conversational practices from the care givers might facilitate these situations.},
	booktitle    = {Conference on Communication, Medicine and Ethics (COMET), Lugano, 26-28 June 2014},
	author       = {Grahn, Inga-Lill and Kokkinakis, Dimitrios},
	year         = {2014},