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	title        = {Ful- och finlexikografi? Om ordboksverksamhet i Sverige i dag och i morgon},
	abstract     = {This article approaches the field of contemporary Swedish dictionary making. By extension, the principal aim of the article is to discuss the future outlook of dictionaries and of lexicography as a whole in Sweden. Firstly, we describe the current state of affairs of lexicography in Sweden in terms of key participants – the institutional agents and financiers. Secondly, we recognize differences in standing (high/low) between various kinds of lexicography and lexicographical resources. On one hand, we find high status, scholarly and professionally produced monolingual dictionaries. On the other hand, we discern low status unsystematic, in some cases unreliable, web dictionaries that are often heavily dependent on user-generated content. In a concluding note, we dare to foresee some challenges concerning the future of Swedish lexicography.},
	booktitle    = {Framtidens lexikografi. Rapport från ett symposium i Göteborg 5 oktober 2012 (red. Anna Hannesdóttir)},
	author       = {Sköldberg, Emma and Mattsson, Christian},
	year         = {2016},
	ISBN         = {978-91-87850-01-1},