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	title        = {Academic Language in a Nordic Setting - Linguistic and Educational Perspectives},
	abstract     = {In 2013, a Scandinavian research network, “Language Use in Nordic Academic Settings” (LUNAS) was formed. The network, which was funded by Nordplus, unites researchers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden working in the fields of lexicography, computational linguistics, second language acquisition, and di-dactics in second language teaching. The main purpose of the network has been to share information and experiences on academic language use in the Scandi-navian countries in educational settings and in research, but of equal im-portance is to identify common issues and interests within the field and to ben-efit from joint efforts in language resource development and research. In May 2016, the LUNAS network organized a large international conference at the University of Copenhagen on academic language use and academic literacies from a multilingual perspective in Nordic educational contexts. The articles presented in this volume show some of the results of the cooperation within the LUNAS network since 2013, but also present research from invited guests and other researchers interested in these topics. },
	editor       = {Vatvedt Fjeld, Ruth and Hagen, Kristin  and Henriksen, Birgit  and Johansson, Sofie and Olsson, Sussi and Prentice, Julia},
	year         = {2017},
	publisher    = {University of Oslo},
	address      = {Oslo},
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