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	title        = {Building a Diachronic and Contrastive Parallel Corpus – and an Intended Application in the Form of a Study of Germanic Complex Verb Constructions },
	abstract     = {We present a parallel corpus under construction, which is parallel in diachronically (through time) as well as contrastively (between languages). The corpus is made up of Bible texts spanning almost 6 centuries in 4 languages. Our project's direct purpose of building the corpus is to track the development of verb combinations containing multiple auxiliary verbs through time in German, Dutch, English and Swedish. We will also make the corpus available to other researchers.

In this poster, we discuss the design of the corpus, our selection of sources, issues with bringing together a wide variety of sources, and alignment of the data. We will also touch upon intended future work concerning the automatic linguistic processing needed to facilitate the study of verb constructions, and the methodological challenges of doing corpus linguistic research on the varying quality of annotations produced by automatic methods on materials from such a wide range of origins.},
	booktitle    = {Digital Humanities 2019, 9 -12 July 2019, Utrecht, the Netherlands},
	author       = {Bouma, Gerlof and Coussé, Evie and de Kooter , Dirk-Jan and van der Sijs, Nicoline},
	year         = {2019},