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	title        = {Så används Svenska Akademiens ordböcker på nätet. Implicit och explicit feedback från användarna},
	abstract     = {This study presents and analyses search strings and user data for different Swedish  lexicographical  websites.  The  underlying  empirical  material  was  sourced  from  two  relatively  new  websites,  www.saob.se  and  the  joint  dic­tionary  portal  www.svenska.se,  which  collects  and  provides  a  single  point  of entry to three Swedish monolingual dictionaries financed by the Swedish Academy. Statistics are presented on the most common search strings, when and  where  the  searches  take  place,  and  what  devices  and  digital  platforms  that  are  commonly  used  while  visiting  the  sites.  In  addition,  the  study  ad­dresses  a  number  of  questions  and  other  forms  of  feedback  received  from  dictionary users. Furthermore, the study provides suggestions and examples of how the collected data can be utilised in upcoming updates and revisions of the dictionaries.},
	booktitle    = {Nordiska studier i lexikografi 15. Red. av.  C. Sandström,  U.-M. Forsberg,  C. af Hällström-Reijonen, M. Lehtonen  & K. Ruppel},
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	year         = {2021},
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