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	title        = {Working together towards an ideal infrastructure for language learner corpora},
	abstract     = {In this article we provide an overview of first-hand experiences and vantage points for best practices from projects in seven European countries dedicated to learner corpus research (LCR) and the creation of language learner corpora. The corpora and tools involved in LCR are becoming more and more important, as are careful preparation and easy retrieval and reusability of corpora and tools. But the lack of commonly agreed solutions for many aspects of LCR, interoperability between learner corpora and the exchange of data from different learner corpus projects remains a challenge. We show how concepts like metadata, anonymization, error taxonomies and linguistic annotations as well as tools, toolchains and data formats can be individually challenging and how the challenges can be solved. },
	booktitle    = {Widening the Scope of Learner Corpus Research. Selected papers from the fourth Learner Corpus Research Conference. Corpora and Language in Use – Proceedings 5 / Andrea Abel, Aivars Glaznieks, Verena Lyding and Lionel Nicolas (eds.)},
	author       = {Stemle, Egon and Boyd, Adriane and Janssen, Maarten and Preradović, Nives Mikelić  and Rosen, Alexandr and Rosén, Dan and Volodina, Elena},
	year         = {2019},
	publisher    = {PUL, Presses Universitaires de Louvain},
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