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	title        = {Negative vaccine voices in Swedish social media
	abstract     = {Vaccinations are one of the most significant interventions to public health, but vaccine
hesitancy creates concerns for a portion of the population in many countries, including
Sweden. Since discussions on vaccine hesitancy are often taken on social networking
sites, data from Swedish social media are used to study and quantify the sentiment
among the discussants on the vaccination-or-not topic during phases of the COVID-19
pandemic. Out of all the posts analyzed a majority showed a stronger negative
sentiment, prevailing throughout the whole of the examined period, with some spikes
or jumps due to the occurrence of certain vaccine-related events distinguishable in the
results. Sentiment analysis can be a valuable tool to track public opinions regarding the
use, efficacy, safety, and importance of vaccination.
	booktitle    = {Proceedings of the 13th International Conference of Experimental Linguistics},
	author       = {Kokkinakis, Dimitrios and Hammarlin, Mia-Marie },
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