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	title        = {Coveting Your Neighbor's Wife: Using Lexical Neighborhoods in Substitution-based Word Sense Disambiguation},
	abstract     = {We explore a simple approach to word sense disambiguation for the case where a graph-structured lexicon of word sense identifiers is available, but no definitions or annotated training examples. The key idea is to consider the neighborhood in a lexical graph to generate a set of potential substitutes of the target word, which can then be compared to a set of substitutes suggested by a language model for a given context. We applied the proposed method to the SALDO lexicon for Swedish and used a BERT model to propose contextual substitutes. The system was evaluated on sense-annotated corpora, and despite its simplicity we see a strong improvement over previously proposed models for unsupervised SALDO-based word sense disambiguation.},
	booktitle    = {LIVE and LEARN – Festschrift in honor of Lars Borin; Volodina, Elena, Dannélls, Dana, Berdicevskis, Aleksandrs, Forsberg, Markus, and Virk, Shafqat (editors)},
	author       = {Johansson, Richard},
	year         = {2022},
	publisher    = {GU-ISS Forskningsrapporter från Institutionen för svenska, flerspråkighet och språkteknologi},
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