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	title        = {Cross-Lingual Alignment of Medical Lexicons},
	abstract     = {We present an approach for the creation of a multilingual medical dictionary for the biomedical domain. In a
first step, available monolingual lexical resources are compiled into a common interchange format. Secondly,
according to a linking format deciced by the authors, the cross-lingual mappings of lexical entries are added. We
show how these mappings can be generated using a morpho-semantic term normalization engine, which captures
intra- as well as interlingual synonymy relationships on the level of subwords.},
	booktitle    = {Language Resources and Evaluation },
	author       = {Marko, Kornel and Baud, Robert and Zweigenbaum, Pierre and Merkel, Magnus and Toporowska Gronostaj, Maria and Kokkinakis, Dimitrios and Schulz, Stefan},
	year         = {2006},
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	pages        = {5--8},