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	title        = {Information states and dialogue move engines},
	abstract     = {We explore the notion of information state in relation to dialogue systems, and in particular to the part of a dialogue system we call the dialogue move engine. We use a framework for experimenting with information states and dialogue move engines, which is being implemented in the form of TRINDIKIT, a toolkit for building dialogue move engines and dialogue systems. We also show how an experimental dialogue system (GoDiS) currently being developed in Göteborg within the framework can be provided with rules to handle accommodation of questions and plans in dialogue.},
	journal      = {Linköping Electronic Articles in Computer and Information Science},
	author       = {Larsson, Staffan and Cooper, Robin and Engdahl, Elisabet and Ljunglöf, Peter},
	year         = {1999},
	volume       = {4},
	number       = {23},