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	abstract     = {This paper describes a knowledge-based
approach to word-sense disambiguation
using a lexical-semantic resource,
SALDO. This hierarchically organized
lexicon defining senses in terms of other
related senses has not been previously
explored for this purpose. The proposed
method is based on maximizing the
overlap between associated word senses
of nouns and verbs co-occuring within
a sentence. The results of a small-scale
experiment using this method are also
reported. Overall, the approach proved
more efficient for nouns, since not only
was the accuracy score higher for this
category (56%) than for verbs (46%), but
for nouns in 22% more of the cases was
a sense overlap found. As a result of an
in-depth analysis of the predictions, we
identified a number of ways the system
could be modified or extended for an
improved performance.},
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