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	title        = {Finding gaps in semantic descriptions. Visualisation of the cross-reference network in a Swedish monolingual dictionary },
	abstract     = {Providing lexical information in dictionary entries by cross-referencing between semantically related headwords is very important, both from a reception-oriented and a production-oriented perspective. This study presents a survey of cross-references in a comprehensive monolingual dictionary of Swedish. It discusses cross-referencing in dictionaries in general as well as in the Swedish dictionary, focusing on the following four types of paradigmatic cross-references: SEE, COMPARE, SYNONYM, and OPPOSITE. By using data-visualisation software, the semantic network in the dictionary is overviewed in a new way. Furthermore, errors, gaps as well as other areas of improvement  in  the  dictionary  related  to  cross-referencing  are  discovered.  Moreover,  the relationships between the existing cross-references, how they are introduced in the dictionary and the dictionary's intended target groups are addressed. The study also reveals that the traditional lexicographic policies of the dictionary need to be adjusted to take advantage of the transition from paper to electronic publication},
	booktitle    = {Electronic lexicography in the 21st century. Proceedings of the eLex 2021 conference. 5–7 July 2021, virtual. Brno  (Eds.: Kosem, I., Cukr, M., Jakubíček, M., Kallas, J., Krek, S. & Tiberius, C.},
	author       = {Blensenius, Kristian and Sköldberg, Emma and Bäckerud, Erik},
	year         = {2021},
	publisher    = {Lexical Computing CZ s.r.o},
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