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	title        = {We may actually all die tomorrow... nevertheless: Predicting short-term frequency changes in Swedish
	abstract     = {Predicting the future is difficult, as Lars Borin likes to point out by saying the phrase which is included in the title of this paper. Nevertheless, we attempt to predict short-term changes in the frequency of new Swedish words based on some measures of their linguistic and social dissemination. We show that it is possible to predict the direction of change with a higher-than-baseline accuracy. Most  interestingly, we show that predictions are much less accurate for those words that denote new phenomena than for those who are new signifiers for already existing phenomena.},
	booktitle    = {Live and learn: Festschrift in honor of Lars Borin / Editors: Elena Volodina, Dana Dannélls, Aleksandrs Berdicevskis, Markus Forsberg, Shafqat Virk},
	author       = {Berdicevskis, Aleksandrs and Adesam, Yvonne and Coussé, Evie},
	year         = {2022},
	publisher    = {Institutionen för svenska, flerspråkighet och språkteknologi, Göteborgs universitet},
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