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Korp searches in Second Language data

Inlagt av Elena Volodina


Korp offers a lot of different corpus collections for various types of search (and research). Swedish as a Second Language (L2) is one of the subcategories of the language that can be studied with the help of Korp. At the moment, Korp provides access to five L2 corpora through its interface:

  • ASU - Andraspråksutveckling
  • SpIn - texts from the centrum for Språkintroduktion
  • SW1203 - texts from a preparatory course for university students
  • SweLL - Swedish Learner Language - adult-written essays from a variety of Swedish education centers
  • TISUS - exam texts from 2007

All L2 corpora are protected by password, that is, only approved users can get access to browsing them. This is to protect learners who provide personal information about themselves. If you are interested in getting access to the L2 data available in Korp, please contact elena . volodina at svenska . gu . se .

Out of the corpora above, the SweLL data has been manually corrected to a standardized version and contains manual annotation of corrections (aka error annotation). Besides, SweLL data also offers full text viewing possibilities by providing a link from the Korp sentence-based hits to a full-text viewing in the SVALA tool (see picture below). While the official SweLL data release is expected next spring (2021), we have prepared a "teaser" in Korp based on approx. 120 essays for those who are interested in testing and providing comments and suggestions.



On the website devoted to L2 searches in Korp you will find a manual and a series of instructive videos explaining how to get access to L2 data in Korp, how to search it, and how to get a full text view. For example, here is an instructive video for full-text viewing. Have a look and get inspired!

(Note that this is work in progress, and certain files have "notes to self" ;- ) )