Korp searches in L2 data

SweLL data consists of essays written by Second Language (L2) learners of Swedish. The data is uploaded (or will be uploaded) to Korp, the corpus search and analysis tool that is developed and maintained at Språkbanken.

Researchers, students and potentially other users that are interested in how language learning paths develop, can use the material through Korp interface.

However, the data is accessible only to those with a password. Those interested in getting access to this data  in Korp, should contact us at (at the moment) elena . volodina at svenska . gu . de

To help those with interest to L2 data searches in Korp, we have prepared some information:

1. Introduction with examples

2. Blogs describing L2 searches in Korp

3. Video-instructions (we are adding those incrementally. Please, let us know which other searches you are interested in by adding comments to this document, last chapter)