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Enet-COLLECT, WG1 (EU COST, 2017-2021)

European Network for Combining Language Learning with Crowdsourcing Techniques

EnetCOLLECT is a European network for COmbining Language LEarning with Crowdsourcing Techniques that has started in 2017, with a life span of 4 years.

The Action's aims are described on the main COST ACTION webpage:

Språkbanken, (UGOT, Sweden) is represented in the Action through two Management Committee members Elena Volodina and Johannes Graen, as well as through an active participation in Work Group 1, where Elena Volodina was a work group leader (2017-2019) and a vice-leader (2019-...), with Iztok Kosem as a vice-leader (2017-2019) and a work group leader (2019-...). Johannes Graën has joined the work group leadership in 2019 as a vice-leader.

The action is organized in two annual meetings, links to which can be seen on the left

Work Group 1: Explicit Crowdsourcing

WG1 aims at developing or adapting explicit crowdsourcing approaches for producing language learning materials. For example, WG1 will research the most effective ways to collaboratively devise lesson content (e.g. grammar) and to assess how effective it is by observing how different samples of users confronted with the created content perform subsequently. An overview of existing materials and workflows for their production will be created and existing explicit crowdsourcing approaches will be reviewed. Then, strategies to adapt and integrate such approaches will be researched.

Stakeholders involved: content-creation experts and crowdsourcing experts

WG1 tasks and deliverables

  • Task 1.1: Overview of existing materials and workflows for their creation Month 1-12
    Reviewing existing resources, discussion groups, and surveys with stakeholders
    D.1.1 - Summary report on existing materials and workflows for their creation
  • Task 1.2: Review of explicit crowdsourcing approaches Month 1-12
    Literature reviews of explicit crowdsourcing approaches
    D.1.2 - Summary report on explicit crowdsourcing approaches
  • Task 1.3: Research on producing learning material through explicit crowdsourcing Month 6-24
    Development and adaptation of approaches; description of a theoretical framework;
    D.1.3 - Theoretical framework for producing material through explicit crowdsourcing
  • Task 1.4: Design, implementation, and testing of prototypes Month 18-45
    Design, implementation, and evaluation of prototypes
    D.1.4 - Design plans, implemented prototypes and related evaluation reports

Relevant events

Responsible: Katerina Zourou, Greece

A list of relevant events, like workshops and conferences (and why not journals?) within our interests where we could publish or disseminate our work.

View (and contribute to) the list here

How to apply for WG1 membership

We are looking forward to making our meetings an exciting exchange of information and knowledge, a place for finding new partners to work with, or test our approaches on. We are circulating information relevant to WG1 through a mailing list, where information on relevant calls, proposals, meetings etc is sent out. To join the list, you need to first apply for the membership.

An updated procedure is described at this link (October 09 2017)

Previously (June, 2017 - till October, 2017), the procedure was as follows:

  1. Join the google group for the whole Action here:!forum/enetcollect-all
  2. Select Work Group 1 as a group of your primary interest
  3. You will be sent an application form where you fill out information about yourself, your interests, etc
  4. Your application is processed by the Grant Holders, and on approval you will be able to see yourself among WG1 members here (look for "Members" on the top right of the page):!forum/enetcollect-wg1

If you have questions, mail elena dot volodina at spraakbanken dot gu dot se