A digital version of Bring's thesaurus (1930)

Sven Casper Bring 1902


Brings tesaurus


The preface of Sven Casper Bring's Svenskt ordförråd ordnat i begreppsklasser [The Swedish vocabulary arranged into conceptual classes](1930)

This wordlist has been modelled on P. M. Roget's »Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases». This kind of wordlist can be seen as a synonym dictionary of sorts. But each conceptual class comprises not only synonyms, but words of all kinds which are habitually used in discoursing on the kind of topics which could be subsumed under the class label concept, understood in a wide sense.

Regarding Roget's classification system, there are arguably a number of classes which ought to be merged or split. But this classification seems to have established itself solidly through many editions of Roget's work as well as German copies of it. It should also be considered an advantage that the same classification is used in such dictionaries for different languages.

Uppsala in September 1930.

S. C. Bring

A digital version of Bring

In the early 1990s, after having used Bring for several years in doing various kinds of semantic analysis, Jens Allwood (then Department of Linguistics, University of Gothenburg) made an agreement with Samhall (a Swedish labor market organization that employed persons with a handicap) for a collaborative project, in which Samhall would scan Bring, so that it would be available electronically. After checking the scanned version to correct OCR errors, it became available in 1997, as a relational database file and in raw text format.

The work on the digital version of Bring was resumed in 2011, when Språkbanken agreed to make Bring available under an open-content license and maintain it as a component of its integrated lexical resource for Swedish language technology. As a result of this work, undertaken by Lars Borin, about 1000 remaining OCR errors have been corrected, and Bring has been partially mapped to the other lexical resources through SALDO. This is the separate Blingbring resource which is under continuous development.

The resource decribed here – Bring version 1.0 – constitutes a digital version of the complete original content of Bring's Svenskt ordförråd ordnat i begreppsklasser [The Swedish vocabulary arranged into conceptual classes] (1930), with no added information, except that explicit links to the corresponding heads in Roget's Thesaurus have been provided. Bring can be used under the license Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) 4.0 International


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