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WG1 meeting, Bolzano (Italy), Sept-8 2017

Work group 1 meeting in Bolzano, Italy, September 8, 2017

The first enet-COLLECT meeting, so-called kick-off meeting, is hosted by EURAC during September, 8, 2017. All work groups (1-5) have a slot to present themselves to the action members and discuss the agenda for the coming years.

Program, Work group 1 meeting

Time Program point
  Session 1.
08.30-08.50 Elena Volodina and Iztok Kosem Opening [pdf]
08.50-09.20 Špela Arhar Holdt From student writing to language tools and materials: where does crowdsourcing come in? [slides]
09.20-10.00 Interactive round-table discussion. Part 1 [discussion results-1,2]
10.00-10.30 COFFEE BREAK
  Session 2.
10.30-11.10 Detmar MeurersFeedBook: A Web-based Workbook for English Supporting the Interaction of Students and Teachers Abstract Slides
11.10-11.30 Interactive round-table discussion. Part 2 [discussion results-1,2]
11.30-12.00 Elena Volodina WG1: Planning ahead [pdf]


Invited talk by Detmar Meurers

FeedBook: A Web-based Workbook for English Supporting the Interaction of Students and Teachers


We discuss the development of FeedBook, an intelligent electronic workbook supporting the teaching of English as Foreign Language in German secondary school. The overarching goal is to address real-life formal education needs using current Natural Language Processing technology.

Our interactive, web-based workbook is based on the print workbook of a schoolbook officially approved for 7th grade English classes in secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Basing the FeedBook on an established workbook readily supports its use in real-life education contexts and potentially provides large-scale data on language learning.

The workbook offers a range of activities for students that typically are assigned by instructors as homework to accompany the regular English classes. In our web-based version, students can complete activities online, submit them to their teacher, and view teacher feedback. Teachers are supported in providing both formative and summative feedback to individual students by an auto-correct and feedback memory system, and they can view aggregates of student performance. We are currently working on adding automatic immediate feedback to learners that is designed to incrementally support individual learners in successfully completing a given task.