Swedish FrameNet++ workshop 2014

The Swedish FrameNet++ (SweFN++) project is funded by the Swedish Research Council for the years 2011-2014 (nr 2010-6013) and with a strategic research grant from the University of Gothenburg for the focus research area language technology (2009-2015).

The goal of the project is to build an open-content -- i.e., freely available and modifiable -- integrated lexical resource for Swedish -- so far lacking -- to be used as a basic infrastructural component in Swedish language technology (LT) research and in the development of LT applications for Swedish.

The funding period of the Swedish Research Council grant will end this year, and the main aim of this open workshop is to provide an accessible overview of the current status and accomplishments of the project.

Time: Wednesday November 19, 2014 13:15 -- 17:30
Venue: Lennart Torstenssonsgatan 8, K332 NB: NOT L100!
Contact: dana (dot) dannells (at) svenska (dot) gu (dot) se


13:15–13:30Welcome and introduction: Whence SweFN++?
Lars Borin, University of Gothenburg
13:30–14:15Semantic Abstraction at Scale: Opportunities and Challenges for NLP with the FrameNet and AMR Representations
Nathan Schneider, University of Edinburgh
Leif-Jöran Olsson and Jonatan Uppström, University of Gothenburg
14:45–15:15Connecting words through time
Malin Ahlberg and Markus Forsberg, University of Gothenburg
Karin Friberg Heppin and Maria Toporowska Gronostaj, University of Gothenburg
16:15–16:45Semi-automatic Expansion of the Swedish FrameNet Lexicon
Richard Johansson, University of Gothenburg
16:45–17:00Natural Language Generation using FrameNet
Dana Dannélls, University of Gothenburg
17:00–17:15Event Extraction
Dimitrios Kokkinakis, University of Gothenburg
17:15–17:30Looking ahead: Whither SweFN++?
Lars Borin, University of Gothenburg
17:30–Mingling with some bubbly