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Swedish fraktur 1626-1816

A selection of fraktur texts printed between 1626 and 1816 from the collections of the University Library of University of Gothenburg (UB). For OCR analysis.

Svensk fraktur 1626 – 1816 contains a selection of digitized versions of older fraktur prints from 1626 to 1816 with their corresponding manual transcriptions. The material was digitized by the Gothenburg University Library, and the digitized versions were manually transcribed by GREPECT using double-keying.

The material was produced as a part of the project A free cloud service for OCR with the aim to improve the OCR interpretation of printed fraktur texts.

The number of digitized pages is 199 and the transcribed texts contain 47924 words in total. The list of titles, libris-ids and publishing links is available here.


Resource type Corpus
Tokens 47,924


Språkbanken Text (