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Språkbanken’s lexical research infrastructure


Over the years, several lexical resources have been developed for Swedish. They have been developed for different purposes by different groups with different backgrounds, arguably they also varied in size, content and coding. Consequently, some of the challenges and goals we need to face are to ensure content interoperability not only among the lexical resources but also between the available tools for text processing, to formulate strategies for dealing with the uneven distribution of some types of information over the resources, and to develop a lexical platform to create, curate and integrate the lexical resources with our corpus infrastructure. Many of these challenges were addressed in the SweFN++-project, others will be tackled in this lexical infrastructure initiative. 

Project description 

The purpose of this long-term initiative is to focus on three theoretical and methodological problem complexes:

  1. interlinking of modern and historical lexical resources and conceptual, methodological, and data-modeling issues raised in this context;
  2. LT support for interlinking, extending and accessing lexical resources; and
  3. the relationship between (traditional Swedish) lexicography on the one hand, and descriptive linguistics, lexical semantics and lexical typology on the other.


Project duration

Project members


  • Strategic research grant from GU
  • Svenska Akademien
  • Vetenskapsrådet

Research topics

  • Lexicography
  • lexikon
  • lexikal semantik
  • integrerad lexikonresurs

Project type

  • Research infrastructure project
  • Internally funded
  • Externally funded

Umbrella project