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Swedish FrameNet++ (SweFN++)


This project is funded by several funding sources, among others: the Swedish Research Council for the years 2011-2014 (nr 2010-6013), with a strategic research grant from the University of Gothenburg for the focus research area language technology (2009-2015), and with infrastructure funding for Språkbanken (2016-). A complete list of the funders is found in contributing projects.

Project description

The goal of the SweFN++ project is to build an open-content -- i.e., freely available and modifiable -- integrated lexical resource for Swedish -- so far lacking -- to be used as a basic infrastructural component in Swedish language technology (LT) research and in the development of LT applications for Swedish.

The resource -- Swedish FrameNet++ -- will consist of two main components:

  1. a Swedish framenet covering at least 50,000 lexical units built on the same principles as the English Berkeley FrameNet (BFN) and to be developed in collaboration with the BFN team at ICSI Berkeley;
  2. an integration of a number of existing free lexical resources, constructed by harmonizing, standardizing and merging these resources, and thereby reusing the valuable grammatical and semantic information painstakingly collected in these resources

Additionally, we aim to develop a methodology and workflow which makes maximal use of LT and other tools in order to minimize the human effort needed to build SweFN++.

SweFN++ will be a versatile basic lexical building block in Swedish LT research and LT applications, where two important areas in the near future will be LT-based eScience (particularly in the framework of CLARIN) and the processing of language data in connection with the Semantic Web. In both cases the semantic information in SweFN++ will be crucial to the realization of the full potential of those areas.

Development version

The resource is licensed under CC BY 4.0


Lexical resources


Project duration

Project members


  • Vetenskapsrådet (2010-6013)
  • Strategic research grant from GU
  • Infrastructure funding for Språkbanken

Research topics

  • lexikon
  • lexikal semantik
  • modern
  • integrerad lexikonresurs
  • framenet

Project type

  • Research infrastructure project
  • Internally funded
  • Externally funded

Umbrella project