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Swedish FrameNet++

Swedish FrameNet++ (SweFN++) is a long-term initiative with the aim of building a versatile lexical infrastructure for Swedish language technology (LT). It started in 2008 and thanks to various sources of funding has grown over the years.

SweFN++ is multifaceted. It is a language resource, an activity and a product of research.

As a language resource it is a comprehensive integrated panchronic lexical macroresource, primarily for Swedish, but also including several other languages, to be used as a basic infrastructural component in Swedish language technology (LT) research and in the development of natural language processing (NLP) applications.

As an activity, it constitutes a long-term collective cumulative R&D initiative which was initially aimed at bringing this macroresource into existence and whose main goals now are to maintain, refine and extend it, and to promote its use as an infrastructural component in LT research and NLP application development, as well as to ensure that the results of this research and development in their turn are incorporated in the macroresource.

As a product of research, it reflects both computational and linguistic approaches to lexicology, lexical semantics, and lexical typology.