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SwedishGlue: a benchmark suite for language models


The Swedish NLP is undergoing right now a transformative breakthrough when it comes to the development of large-scale Swedish language models. These models have the capacity to significantly improve the performance of virtually all types of language technology applications for Swedish. Since algorithms and implementations are publicly available, there are already some existing Swedish models, and more will be created during 2020. The models will be actively used within academy, private and public sector.
There is, however, a lack of evaluation data for Swedish, which makes it impossible to estimate the quality of the models. In addition, earlier studies of English language models show that the models are sensitive to what kind of data they are trained on: those biases that exist in the training data become an inherent part of the model. Without Swedish evaluation data it is impossible to further improve quality of the Swedish models, to make the inherent biases visible and to remove them.

Project description

For these reasons, RISE, National Library (KB), Språkbanken Text and AI Innovation of Sweden join forces to create evaluation sets for Swedish language models. The evaluation sets will to some extent mirror their well-established English counterparts, for instance, (Super)GLUE


RISE, National Library of Sweden (KB), Språkbanken and AI Innovation of Sweden.

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Project members


  • Vinnova (2020-02523)

Research topics

  • evaluation
  • language models
  • bias

Project type

  • Research infrastructure project

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