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Yvonne Adesam


Natural Language Processing


Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Linguistics
Master of Arts in General Linguistics, specifically Computational Linguistics
Bachelor of Arts in General and Comparative Literature/Literary Studies


Research interests

  • corpus linguistics
  • annotation
  • syntax
  • alignment
  • cross-linguistic annotation projection
  • historical linguistics
  • machine translation
  • ...

My research is largely about various methods for adding linguistic information, so called annotations, to corpora, text collections which can be used for linguistic research and in language technology applications. Annotations, such as parts-of-speech and syntactic roles, help filter the search results for the user.

I have worked in the projects MAÞiR and Koala. MAÞiR, methods for the automatic analysis of text in digital historical resources, is about creating tools for automatic linguistic analysis of Old Swedish and making Old Swedish texts more accessible. Koala, Korp's linguistic annotations, deals with developing an infrastructure for text-based research with high-quality annotations, where we improve and expand the annotations of the corpora in Korp.

See also for a complete list of older publications, etc.

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