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Personal data processing

In the SweLL project, and consequently in the infrastructure for research on Swedish as a Second Language, some personal data about learners is handled. We, thus, follow a strict line of personal data processing.

For the duration of the project time (2017-2020) our policy is described in details in this document

Following release of the infrastructure and the SweLL data (end of 2020), an updated version of the above document will be made available here.

Important legal and administrative information

Purpose of personal data processing (Ändamålet med personuppgiftsbehandling)

  • We are constructing/releasing a digital collection of texts written in Swedish by people for whom Swedish is not their native language. The texts are on different levels, from beginner to advanced. They are written by individuals who speak a variety of different languages, and are of different ages, etc.
  • We are linking certain personal information to the learner texts, including learner’s age, native language, gender, educational background, time spent in Sweden and knowledge in other languages. We are doing this in order to develop and improve the instruction in Swedish as a second language and to be able to understand the process of language learning taking such factors as native language, level of education, age and knowledge in other languages into consideration.
  • The intention is that teachers, students, researchers and other interested parties will be able to find texts at different levels in the digital corpus via to perform research in Second Language Acquisition, NLP, for Pedagogical and Didactical studies, as well as for development of digital tools and algorithms for L2 instruction.
  • The purpose of the personal data processing is limited to the didactical, pedagogical and research activities within second language acquisition context.

Responsible entities (2017-2020) / Public authorities (Forksningshuvudmän)

  • University of Gothenburg (project leading organization)
  • Stockholm university
  • Uppsala university
  • Umeå university

Involved researchers (2017-2020)

  • University of Gothenburg (project leading organization): Elena Volodina, Julia Prentice, Monica Reichenberg
  • Stockholm university: Mats Wirén, Gunlög Sundberg
  • Uppsala university: Beáta Megyesi
  • Umeå university: Lena Granstedt

Project contact: 

Personal Data Controller (personuppgiftsansvarig):


Database host: University of Gothenburg, Department of Swedish, Språkbanken (

Data Protection Officer (Dataskyddsombud): University of Gothenburg (

Which Personal Data are we processing?

  • name and surname (as filled in in the Consent form)
  • the learner’s ID number 
  • gender (male/female/won’t say), 
  • birthdate given in 5-year cycles to decrease the possibility of identification of the learner, 
  • first language (one or several), 
  • total time in Sweden (given in year(s) and month(s) instead of dates of first arrival). 
  • type of education and highest exam the learner passed in Sweden and outside Sweden. 
  • language situation of the learner, e.g. courses in Swedish or Swedish as second language and in the first language, with allotted total study time for each, languages that the learner speaks or uses in particular communicative situations (spoken or written) with family, friends, at work or in school, or elsewhere. 

How we protect learner's integrity

  • we pseudonymize every essay manually, replacing names, dates, places, etc with other names, dates, places, etc
  • we make an individual assessment of each essay for potentially sensitive information and remove it or mask it.
  • more information:

Lawful basis for personal data processing

  • Performance of a task carried out in the public interest acc. to GDPR art 6.1e  (scientific research purposes should include studies conducted in the public interest)

The learners’/informants’ rights (Registrerades rättigheter)

If you discover that any of your personal data is incorrect, you can turn to us and require correction. You can request to delete your personal data from our registers. In accordance with the GDPR / Dataskyddsförordningen you have other rights, including: access to your data (registerutdrag), limitation of data processing, portability of the data, and the right to object.

Contact if you have questions, objections or you would like to introduce any changes according to the information above.

Supervisory authority (Tillsynsmyndighet)

If you would like to complain about the way we treat your personal data, you can turn to  Datainspektionen who is the Supervising authority:


According to the Archive Act and the requirements of Ethical Review Boards, we keep the code list (name-ID mappings) 10 years after the project ends. In 10 years time, the code list will be destroyed, and the present data collection will no longer be under the GDPR regulation.

More information: 

Access to data

Approved users from EU/EEA (see a list below) can get access to the data on signing an application for access to the SweLL data.  

Applications from users from countries outside of EU/EEA (Third countries) will be processed by the university lawyers on a case-to-case basis. Note that it is difficult to foresee how long  the processing can take.

EU: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

EEA: Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway

(Note that the status of the UK is still not clear (October 2020). Note also that Schweiz does not belong to EU/EEA.)


If you wish to have your personal data withdrawn from or corrected in the SweLL collection, or you have comments about how we are dealing with the personal data, please contact