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SweLL for users and contributors

SweLL is an collection of tools and data (essays) for research on Swedish as a Second Language. There are several corpora in the collection:

  • The SweLL-gold corpus is pseudonymized, normalized and correction annotated. Collection period 2017-2020.
  • The SweLL-pilot corpus (including SpIn, Tisus-texts and SW1203 subcorpora) contains anonymized versions of the original essays with CEFR labels. Collection period 2006-2016.

Note that SweLL-gold and SweLL-pilot contain different essays and have been collected from different sources/schools. More data can eventually be added to the SweLL collection.

There are two types of users in the SweLL infrastructure: SweLL end-users and SweLL contributors. As of August 2021, we are releasing the SweLL infrastructure to end-users. The access for contributors is still under development.

Below, we describe the two groups. In both cases, please start by reading the Introduction document about the way SweLL data has been handled during the preparation period and how it needs to be handled by the new users.

SweLL end-users

... are users that are interested in getting access to the data (corpus/corpora and metadata) available through the SweLL infrastructure module. This includes a possibility for Korp searches in L2 data and download of the data in several available formats. To become a SweLL end-user, please, fill in an application form.

Note that the SweLL data contains personal information and therefore each Application for access is personal and does not give the right to spread/share the data with non-approved users.

Following license applies to the SweLL dataset: CLARIN-ID, -PRIV, -NORED, -BY. Explanations of the license types can be found here.

Once you have filled in an application and it is approved, you may find useful the following links describing how to work with the data.

SweLL contributors

... are researchers who intend to donate their data to the SweLL infrastructure, or to start collection and annotation of learner data using tools and facilities provided by the SweLL infrastructure. The procedure to approve new contributors is under development. If you are interested, please start by writing to us (swell at svenska dot gu dot se).