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SweLL - Infrastructure for L2 Swedish

Full name: SweLL - research infrastructure for Swedish as a second language, RJ, 2017-2020

(SweLL - Swedish Learner Language)


With growing number of people seeking asylum in Sweden, the need for second language (L2) teaching and the evolvement of such a practice is of great importance to the Swedish society. The government has recently initiated a project on learning among newly arrived. One of the foci of this project is on producing tools for evaluation of L2 Swedish, an aim to which the SweLL project contributes in a most robust way.

General description

The purpose of SweLL is to set up an infrastructure for collection, digitization, normalization, and annotation of learner production, as well as to make available a linguistically annotated corpus of approx. 600 L2 learner texts. Such a corpus would make it possible to search for various types of linguistic structures, without the researcher having to guess what such a structure might look like, since there is a parallel normalized version available. L2 corpora are available for many other languages, but for Swedish such a resource is lacking.

Aims of the project

To fill the needs of the L2 research field, SweLL will create an infrastructure consisting of:

  • a data collection portal, through file import and via online exercises
  • methods and tools for L2 analysis
  • an annotated corpus of L2 production
  • specific search tools for L2-material facilitating filtering for e.g. texts written by male writers or writers at a certain proficiency level.

The material and tools will be made accessible for research. Apply for access.

See an interview about SweLL data with Elena Volodina (April 2018)

See an interview about importance of interoperability of L2 resources and tools with Elena Volodina (October 2018)



Project leader: Elena Volodina, Språkbanken, University of Gothenburg

Four universities participate in the project:



The project is financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond during years 2017-2019 through a grant IN16-0464:1

Co-financing comes from



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Special events

  • National Swe-CLARIN workshop on searches in digital L2 resources. May, 2018, Stockholm, Sweden. [Website]
  • International CLARIN workshop on Interoperability of L2 resources and tools. December, 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden. [Website]

Visions and plans


  • Setting up guidelines drafts (transcription, normalization, correction annotation, code taxonomy, pseudonymization & pseudo-taxonomy, data handling flow, step-by-step involvemennt of schools)
  • Development of tool prototypes (kiosk, SVALA, portal).
  • Setting up collaboration with schools.
  • Settling legal and ethical issues.


  • Testing guidelines and tools internally within the project group, improvements, iterations, finalizing.
  • Translation of metadata forms
  • Initiating essay collection from schools according to the decided flow, metadata forms, incl. use of translated forms


  • Full-scale essay collection
  • Initial essay annotation.
  • Tool maintenance.
  • Further development of tool functionalities.


  • Full-scale annotation (pseudonymization, normalization, correction annotation).
  • (Minimal) search and visualization  in Korp (and ev in Strix).
  • Import from SweLL-portal to Korp.
  • Download of data from SweLL portal and
  • Upload of new data to SweLL portal.
  • Release in spring 2021.

Future plans:

  • extention of SVALA tool to other languages
  • collection of new essays via Lärka (with pseudonymization on-the-fly) to bypass kiosk steps (transcription, pseudonymization, fillinf in metadata forms)

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Project duration

Project members

  • Elena Volodina (Project leader)
  • Yousuf Ali Mohammed (Systems developer)
  • Arild Matsson (Systems developer)
  • Mats Wirén (Researcher)
    Stockholm university, Sweden
  • Beáta Megyesi (Researcher)
    Uppsala university, Sweden
  • Julia Prentice (Researcher)
    University of Gothenburg
  • Gunlög Sundberg (Researcher)
    Stockholm university
  • Lena Granstedt (Researcher)
    Umeå university
  • Monica Reichenberg (Advisor)
    University of Gothenburg
  • Lisa Rudebeck (Project assistant)
    University of Gothenburg


Research topics

  • Second language infrastructure
  • Swedish as a second language
  • essay annotation
  • correction annotation
  • pseudonymization

Project type

  • Research infrastructure project
  • Externally funded

Umbrella project