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	title        = {Error Coding of Second-Language Learner Texts Based on Mostly Automatic Alignment of Parallel Corpora. },
	abstract     = {Error coding of second-language learner text, that is, detecting, correcting and annotating errors, is a cumbersome task which in turn requires interpretation of the text to decide what the errors are. This paper describes a system with which the annotator corrects the learner text by editing it prior to the actual error annotation. During the editing, the system automatically generates a parallel corpus of the learner and corrected texts. Based on this, the work of the annotator consists of three independent tasks that are otherwise often conflated: correcting the learner text, repairing inconsistent alignments, and performing the actual error annotation.},
	booktitle    = {Proceedings of CLARIN-2018 conference,  8-10 October 2018, Pisa, Italy},
	author       = {Rosén, Dan and Wirén, Mats  and Volodina, Elena},
	year         = {2018},