Kristina Lundholm Fors

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  • Kathleen Fraser, Kristina Lundholm Fors, Marie Eckerström, Charalambos Themistocleous, Dimitrios Kokkinakis (2018): Improving the Sensitivity and Specificity of MCI Screening with Linguistic Information, i Proceedings of the LREC workshop: Resources and ProcessIng of linguistic, para-linguistic and extra-linguistic Data from people with various forms of cognitive/psychiatric impairments (RaPID-2). 8th of May 2018, Miyazaki, Japan / Dimitrios Kokkinakis (ed.).
  • Dimitrios Kokkinakis, Kristina Lundholm Fors, Marie Eckerström, Charalambos Themistocleous (2018): Kan textforskning bidra till tidigare och säkrare demensdiagnostik?, i Forum för textforskning 13 , Lund 7 – 8 juni 2018.
  • Dimitrios Kokkinakis, Kristina Lundholm Fors, Kathleen Fraser, Arto Nordlund (2018): A Swedish Cookie-Theft Corpus, i LREC 2018, 11th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 7-12 May 2018, Miyazaki (Japan) / Editors: Nicoletta Calzolari (Conference chair), Khalid Choukri, Christopher Cieri, Thierry Declerck, Sara Goggi, Koiti Hasida, Hitoshi Isahara, Bente Maegaard, Joseph Mariani, Hélène Mazo, Asuncion Moreno, Jan Odijk, Stelios Piperidis, Takenobu Tokunaga.
  • Kristina Lundholm Fors, Kathleen Fraser, Dimitrios Kokkinakis (2018): Automated Syntactic Analysis of Language Abilities in Persons with Mild and Subjective Cognitive Impairment, i Building continents of knowledge in oceans of data : the future of co-created eHealth: proceedings of MIE2018, 24-26 April 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden / edited by Adrien Ugon, Daniel Karlsson, Gunnar O. Klein and Anne Moen.
  • Kristina Lundholm Fors, Kathleen Fraser, Dimitrios Kokkinakis (2018): Eye-voice span in adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and healthy controls, i Book of Abstracts 10th CPLOL Congress 10-12 May 2018, Cascais, Portugal / editor : Trinite, Baiba.
  • Charalambos Themistocleous, Dimitrios Kokkinakis, Marie Eckerström, Kathleen Fraser, Kristina Lundholm Fors (2018): Effects of Mild Cognitive Impairment on vowel duration, i Proceedings of the 9th Tutorial & Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics, 28 - 30 August 2018, Paris, France / edited by Antonis Botinis.







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Kristina Lundholm Fors