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	title        = {Linguistic intuitions as sharpened judgments and conditional assessments. A note on evidence in contextual semantics.},
	abstract     = {Cappelen’s Philosophy without intuitions (Cappelen, 2012) challenges the widespread conception of philosophy as an intuition-driven discipline. Drawing on case studies of philosophical texts, Cappelen argues that in-depth studies of contemporary philosophical practices do not warrant that description. In this talk, we pursue Cappelen's question, and show some results from a methodological survey of philosophical texts. But we have a narrower focus than Cappelen: our study concerns the role of intuitions in semantics and pragmatics. More specifically, we focus on some central contributions to the discussion of the semantics/pragmatics interface (e.g. Stanley & Szabó 2000; Recanati 2010).},
	booktitle    = {3rd WFAP Graduate Conference: We need to talk. Language and Philosophical Method. Organised by the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy. May 22-24, 2014. Vienna.},
	author       = {Petersson, Stellan},
	year         = {2014},