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Language resources

On this page you can browse and search our corpora and lexicons. Click on a resource name to see what files are available for download. You can go directly to the search interface by clicking on the Korp or Karp logo.
Resource Entries Language Access
Academic wordlist
Academic wordlist
655 Swedish
Drug related terminology
13,803 Swedish
Blingbring, an enhanced and modernized version of Bring's thesaurus (1930)
126,910 Swedish
Blissymbolics is a constructed symbol language which is mainly used by people with severe communicative and phsyical disabilities. It consists of around 5000 graphical symbols.
5,596 Blissymbols
A digital version of Bring's thesaurus (1930)
148,815 Swedish
CoDeRooMor, v.01
Morphological dataset (word-building morphology), Swedish L2 profiles project
Swedish Constructicon
441 Swedish
Dalin Dictionary
Dalin's Dictionary of 19th century Swedish
62,975 Swedish
Dalin Dictionary - Base Material
Dalin's Dictionary of 19th century Swedish - base material
62,327 Swedish
Dalin's morphology
A morphology from Dalin's Dictionary of 19th century Swedish that is derived from Dalin's base material.
62,327 Swedish
Diachronic pivot
Diachronic pivot resource where historical lexical information is linked to SALDO
29,432 Swedish
Hellquist's Swedish etymology
Hellquist's Swedish etymology
12,368 Swedish
Idioms from the NEO lexicon DB
Idioms with explanations extracted from the database for the dictionary Nationalencyklopediens ordbok
Keywords for Language Learning for Young and adults alike
8,425 Swedish
A Framenet for the linguistic domain
173 Swedish
A Framenet for the linguistic domain
16 Swedish
A Framenet for the linguistic domain
169 Swedish
A lexicon developed within the LSI project
41 Swedish
Loan Word Typology list
1,460 Swedish, English
LWT-PWN is the IDS/LWT concept list linked to Princeton WordNet 3.0 word sense identifiers.
1,375 Swedish
MAÞiR Words
Old Swedish lexical resource based upon Söderwall's dictionary, suitable for creating lemmatizers, amonst other things.
28,357 Swedish
Multilingual Constructicon
A multilingual Constructicon
740 Swedish, Russian
NordiCon is a database that collects medieval North Germanic personal names in sources outside Scandinavia.
The Noun Phrases in Early Germanic Languages database.
Old English (ca. 450-1100), Old High German (ca. 750-1050), Old Norse, Old Saxon
NyLLex v2
A lexical resource derived from books published by Sweden´s largest publisher of easy language texts. The entries are annotated with frequency counts distributed over six reading proficiency levels.
Old Swedish morphology
Old Swedish morphology from Söderwall and Schlyter
41,958 Swedish
The Swedish Academy Dictionary online
The Swedish PAROLE Lexicon - A language technology resource with access to syntactic information
29,298 Swedish
The Swedish PAROLE Lexicon - A language technology resource with access to syntactic information, partially linked to SALDO senses
29,621 Swedish
Russian Constructicon
A Russian Constructicon
715 Russian, English
SALDO is an extensive lexicon resource for modern Swedish written language.
131,020 Swedish
SALDO's morphology
Semantic and morphological lexicon for language technology
128,036 Swedish
SALDO: examples
Example sentences for senses in SALDO
3,334 Swedish
Dictionary of Old Swedish
10,067 Swedish
SenSALDO, SALDO entries and text word forms with sentiment information (prior polarity)
12,287 Swedish
Sentiment Lexicon
Sentiment lexicon for Swedish based on SALDO
2,067 Swedish
Simple lexicon
The Swedish SIMPLE Lexicon - A language technology resource with access to semantic information in Swedish
11,624 Swedish
The Swedish SIMPLE Lexicon - A language technology resource with access to semantic information in Swedish, connected to SALDO senses
8,630 Swedish
The Biographical Dictionary of Swedish Women
1,411 Swedish, English
Dictionary of Old Swedish
22,572 Swedish
Söderwall Supplement
Dictionary of Old Swedish
19,172 Swedish
Sports anglicisms
English loan-words in the Swedish sports press
Swedberg's Swensk Ordabok
Swedberg's Swensk Ordabok
17,565 Swedish, Latin
Swedberg's Swensk Ordabok (morphology, rudimentary)
Swedberg's Swensk Ordabok (morphology, rudimentary)
17,565 Swedish
Swedish FrameNet (SweFN)
A lexical semantic resource based on the same principles as the English Berkeley FrameNet. This part of the resource contains the frames and the manually annotated semantic content.
1,195 Swedish
Swedish words, LEXIN
Lexicon for immigrants. Second edition
29,111 Swedish, Albanian, Bosnian, English, Finnish, Modern Greek (1453-), Croatian, Kurdish, Iranian Persian, Russian, Serbian, Somali, Spanish, Turkish
Swedish-Finnish word lists
Swedish-Finnish word lists within various domains
9,607 Swedish
SweSAT Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test Synonyms 1.1
Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test Synonyms
782 Swedish
A Swedish WordNet
15,010 Swedish
An extensible knowledge graph for the UNSC corpus, detailing participants and debates from the UN Security Council 1995-2020
1,017,406 English
Vocation list
A list of vocations in Swedish
13,833 Swedish
A linking between SALDO senses and Core WordNet
6,989 Swedish, English