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L2P - project output

The project generated numerous resources & tools, among others:

  • Swedish L2 profiles (SweL2P) - is a resource and a tool for research on second language data, that links together most of the research we performed during the project time [LCR abstract, pp.189-190]; [slides]. There are three sub-profiles:
    1. Lexical profile, including Multi-Word Expressions classified by type
    2. Grammar profile (Nominal patterns and Verb patterns)
    3. Morphological profile, incl. Word Family [blog, article, pp153–160] and Morpheme Family [blog, talk, ]
  • Sen*Lex word list - a sense-based word list containing vocabulary from L2 essays and course book texts, including frequency information and CEFR levels where the word in that sense has been observed for the first time. 
  • CoDeRooMor resource - morphologically annotated words from Sen*Lex word list
  • Legato annotation tool
  • A series of guidelines:
    1. Annotation quality check [doc]
    2. Legato tool manual
    3. Lexicographic annotation guidelines: multi-word expressions, adjectives and adverbs [doc]
    4. Word formation annotation guidelines [doc]
    5. Corpus query guidelines for grammatical patterns
    6. Noun pattern descriptions for Swedish
    7. Verb pattern descriptions for Swedish
    8. Core-periphery vocabulary selection guidelines