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Project-related events


Workshop on Profiling second language vocabulary and grammar 20-21 April, 2023 (international project release event)


Crowdsourcing experiment with (single) word difficulty [webpage]

Special issue of NLP4CALL workshop with the main focus on grammar profiling.

  • Invited speakers: Mark Brenchley and Kevin Cheung, Cambridge Assessments, UK

David Alfter's PhD defense: Exploring natural language processing for single-word and multi-word lexical complexity from a second language learner perspective. PhD Thesis. Data Lingvistica 31, University of Gothenburg. [doi]


Crowdsourcing experiment with difficulty of multi-word expressions [webpage]

Special issue of NLP4CALL workshop with the main focus focus on L2 profiling and use of crowdsourcing for L2 data annotation.

  • Invited speaker: Magali Paquot, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium


Internal meeting with Thomas Francois, on the aspects of CEFR-based vocabulary profiling, followed by an invited talk at 8th NLP4CALL workshop. September, 29 - October 2, 2019.


Internal workshop with Jan Hustijn, framed around the project aims (grammar aspect) and Basic Language Cognition Model, followed by an invited talk at 7th NLP4CALL workshop. November, 6-7, 2018.

International workshop (and a large-scale crowdsourcing experiment) on linking Multi-word expressions to levels of L2 proficiency. June-December 2018. [Website]