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	title        = {Expert judgments versus crowdsourcing in ordering multi-word expressions},
	abstract     = {In  this  study  we  investigate  to  which  degree  experts  and  non-experts  agree  on questions  of  linguistic  complexity  in  a  crowdsourcing  experiment.  We  ask  non-experts (second language learners of Swedish) and two groups of experts (teachers of Swedish as a second/foreign language and CEFR experts) to rank multi-word expressions  in  a  crowdsourcing  experiment. We  find  that  the  resulting  rankings by all the three tested groups correlate to a very high degree, which suggests that judgments  produced  in  a  comparative  setting  are  not  influenced  by  professional insights into Swedish as a second language.  },
	booktitle    = {Proceedings of the Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC), 25–27 November 2020, (Online)},
	author       = {Alfter, David and Lindström Tiedemann, Therese and Volodina, Elena},
	year         = {2020},